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Capture more data than ever before using the new CorePlan Forms add-on

April 26, 2023

Capture more data than ever before using the new CorePlan Forms add-on

Product Updates
Written by
Sachee Perera

Exploration teams and drilling businesses are now closer than ever to going completely paperless using the relaunched CorePlan Forms add-on.

CorePlan Forms will replace CorePlan Safety Hub to offer CorePlan customers a more complete digital solution for their entire suite of forms, checklists, documentation and contacts and more.

CorePlan Forms is an extension of the existing CorePlan Mobile App that creates a single digital destination for your entire organisation to complete their documentation on the go, including offline.

By capturing data digitally in the first instance, it’s faster and easier for mining teams to monitor compliance, respond to incidents and identify areas for improvement. 

Any completed form or checklist is seamlessly returned to the web portal for centralised reporting and response. 

Notification triggers can also be created to ensure that the relevant people get notified via email. For example, if an incident form is completed, your Safety Manager will instantly receive an email so they can take the appropriate action.

Using CorePlan Forms, your team can do the following:

  • create and complete unlimited digital forms
  • digitise existing inspection, incident and pre-start checklists
  • monitor lead and lag indicators
  • check-in upon arrival to site
  • complete COVID-19 declarations
  • enter food and supply orders

and more. 

Put simply, any data your team needs to capture in the field (or on the way to and from) can be collected quickly and easily using CorePlan Forms. 

By choosing CorePlan Forms, all of your paperwork and operational data can be consolidated into a single platform, creating the ultimate ‘data hub’ for your team.

End the hassle of having to carry around paperwork or remember multiple logins and run everything from one system using CorePlan Forms.

Get started with CorePlan Forms today by visiting coreplan.io/forms

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