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Colleagues Matrixx vs CorePlan for Drilling Contractors

November 15, 2023

Colleagues Matrixx vs CorePlan for Drilling Contractors

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Megan Gammie

CorePlan vs Colleagues Matrixx compared for drilling contractors

What is Colleagues Matrixx?

Colleagues Matrixx is a bespoke software development company that has worked with clients across a range of industries including mining and drilling since 2005.

Colleagues Matrixx for drilling

Colleagues Matrixx have built two digital products that can be adapted for use by drilling contractors: Matrixx Mobile and Matrixx Portal.

Matrixx Mobile and Matrixx Portal for drilling

Matrixx Mobile is a digital forms solution that can be customised to capture any data that is normally collected on paper in the field. Using the Matrixx Mobile app, drillers can enter daily drilling report (plod) data and send it directly to the Matrixx Portal for management and basic reporting by the office team on metrics such as operating time and metres drilled.

There is also the option to purchase additional modules to pad out the Matrixx Portal workflow, including invoicing, maintenance and payroll.

A paperless solution for drilling contractors?

At the time of writing, it Colleagues’ Matrixx offers the capability for additional capability to capture other data such as take 5s. However we recommend you do your own research to determine the capability to digitise forms and store other documentation.

An all-in-one Colleagues Matrixx alternative used by DDH1, Seismic and Topdrive

CorePlan is a Colleagues Matrixx alternative for drilling contractors seeking a complete digital solution for drilling holes, filling plods and forms, billing clients and much more.

See how CorePlan’s drilling intelligence platform can help you take your drilling operations to the next level by integrating all areas of your drilling workflow into one central digital location.

Start now.‍

Which one is right for you?

The best way to see which platform is best for you is to take a product tour. Our free drilling contractors' software buying guide can help you prepare for each demo and make the right decision for your team.

Book a demo with CorePlan here and contact Colleagues Matrixx to see which will be the best fit for your team.

Drilling software compared

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This article was produced in good faith by referencing publicly available materials on Colleagues Matrixx’s website in February of 2023. We have taken great care to be as accurate as possible based on the available material. If we have missed any information please don’t hesitate to contact us and request a revision. We recommend noting in the disclaimer that Colleagues Matrixx's products/services may have been updated or improved since the date of the article; and We recommend noting that the article does not seek to provide a comprehensive description of Colleagues Matrixx's suite of products/services, so consumers should undertake their own research.  We recommend evaluating all options and making a decision based on value, time to adopt, ease of use and future-proofing. A drilling contractors’ software buyers guide is available to assist. This article was also updated Aug 2023.

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