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Drill holes, fill plods and bill clients using CorePlan to eliminate revenue leakage and grow your business.
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Control the financial future of your drilling business.

CorePlan keeps everyone aligned and working more efficiently. Drillers, Supervisors, Admins, Contracts Managers and Clients – all collaborating in one tool.
Say goodbye to paper plods and spreadsheets
Get rid of the chaotic multi system workflow
Track revenue, generate invoicing and drill more metres

Intuitive mobile app for plods & prestarts. Online. Offline.

Capture everything in the field seamlessly, eliminating paperwork. No more manual plod sheets, lost documents, and outdated safety paperwork.
Powerful, Yet Stupidly Simple Plod Entry
Make it extremely easy for your drillers to submit complex drilling data.
Inspections, Incidents and Documents
Build your own safety forms and get rid of bulky document folders.
Works Offline, on Both Android and iOS
The mobile app uses the same technology as apps like WhatsApp. It works offline.

Easy approvals & flexible workflows. Client & supervisor.

Get sign-off from the geo onsite before your supervisor approves a plod. Or don't - the choice is yours. Notice a mistake? Fix it easily, no matter where you are in your workflow.
Supervisor Review
Review all details and catch mistakes before sending to through to the client.
Dynamic Client Engagement
Give clients visibility to review progress and digitally approve, and download their data without hassle.
Approval and Change Logs
Client rejected plod? Supervisor override on cost? Keep tabs on all changes made, so you're always in the know.

Digital contracts. As many as you like.

Get peace of mind for yourself and your clients with accurate charge calculations, eliminating the need for data rework.
All the Clauses and Complexities
Create all the different conditions you need in your contracts or keep it simple.
Manage Rise and Falls
Dynamically update and keep track of changes in response to operational fluctuations.
Drill Bit Clauses, Consumables and Others
Build your schedule of rates with all the moving parts in client contracts.

Break the tedious month-end close cycle

Stop billing delays and get paid faster with simplified cost summary generation, review, and invoicing.
Instant Cost Summaries
Generate invoice ready cost summaries to send to the client with, or without all the detail.
Make Edits and Overrides
Quickly make changes and regenerate costs to client to invoice without having to rework.
Easily Invoice Through Your Accounting System
Seamlessly send to Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks, Pronto or any other accounting package.

Timesheets. Payroll. Even staff bonuses!

Avoid timesheet headaches and record accurate staff hours digitally via the CorePlan mobile app. Save hours of admin hours and conduct payroll easily.
Collect work hours, on the rig or in the yard
Allow your staff to fill out their timesheets.
Suerpvisor time sheet approval
Signoff by super upon submission, and at point of payroll.
Calculate payroll, including meter bonuses
Track your rig utilisation based on your real-time rig productivity and performance.

Revenue Intelligence
to gain control of your bottom line.

Powerful Insigts
Edit and filter
Build your own
Metrics and charts
Preloaded templates
Easy to use
Built your own reports
Management reporting made easy
Track contracts performance, live
Tap into our library of pre-loaded reports or create custom ones tailored to your needs. Blend commentary, metrics, and charts for dynamic operational and management reports that offer a real-time snapshot of performance.
"Now with CorePlan, you sign it and righto, off you go"

Daniel Swanson

Operations Manager, Quest Exploration Drilling

Your Enterprise SaaS Technology Partner
We’re committed to helping you measurably improve your data practices for today’s operational demands.
Collaborate safely with granular roles and permissions
Add an extra layer of protection with controls and comprehensive identity and access management.

Intuitive analytics for faster decisions, globally
Power insight-driven decision-making by analysing the impact of your planning and budgeting, spot cash leaks and improve performance with corporate dashboards.
99.90% uptime SLA
Stay up-and-running with our world class performing software, highest level of support and fastest response times for peace of mind and superior experience.
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Greenfields Drilling

Every challenge is an opportunity to innovate. We break down complex challenges to find the most effective solutions.

Grade Control

We encourage our team to create, launch, and iterate. Engaging with customers, embracing their feedback, and evolving our platform is a continuous cycle at CorePlan.


We're dedicated to creating an intuitive platform through constant end-user testing and feedback. This ensures our solutions are not only functional but also a delight to use.

Exploration Teams

Our 'Always On' support system is designed to facilitate smooth onboarding and provide ongoing assistance. We're here for our users every step of the way.

Continuos Improvement and Innovation

Through fortnightly sprints, we prioritise user-centric product development. We listen, learn, and adapt, focussing on the controllable inputs that drive outstanding outcomes.

The "Can-Do" Attitude

At CorePlan, 'impossible' is not in our dictionary. We tackle the 'gnarly problems' with a can-do attitude, often finding solutions where none seemed to exist.

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Get your teams from data to decision faster with CorePlan, the Integrated Drilling Management Platform for resource teams and drilling contractors.
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