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A 2 minute guide to cloud-based drilling SaaS for drilling managers

February 11, 2024

A 2 minute guide to cloud-based drilling SaaS for drilling managers

Drilling Software
For Drilling Managers
Written by
Megan Gammie

In this article, we’ll give you a quick run down of cloud-based SaaS for drilling contractors and the different types of SaaS tools drilling managers and their teams are using right now.

What is cloud-based software?

Cloud-based software is a specific type of software that is run and managed by a third-party provider and accessed from anywhere using the internet (the cloud).

Unlike traditional software that is installed on your hard drive, cloud-based software doesn’t require any installation. Users can log in to their account from any device with an internet connection to get to work.

What is SaaS? 

SaaS, aka Software as a Service, is a type of software that lives on the cloud. 

SaaS is different to traditional mining software because it is sold on a monthly or annual subscription basis, rather than a licensing fee. This means that it’s often much cheaper to get started, requires less physical infrastructure and offers contract flexibility.

Examples of SaaS that you might be familiar with include Zoom, Dropbox or Xero. Even Spotify, Netflix and Google G Suite are also SaaS products.

Three popular cloud-based SaaS products used by drilling contractors

The popularity of SaaS has exploded across a range of industries, and now it’s drilling’s turn. Drilling professionals and software developers have identified that pen and paper workflows no longer make the cut, and that it's time to enter the modern age.

Here are three common types of SaaS used by drilling contractors, but there are many more types of drilling software to choose from.

Digital plods: 

A web or app-based product that replaces pen and paper plods with a digital plod form. The form will allow you to enter and submit data, but it will need to be reviewed using another platform like Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets or an additional paid platform. Examples: Simbio Plod, ePLOD.

Digital form builders:

A web or app-based platform where users can build and enter forms or complete checklists. Completed forms are consolidated into a web portal. These are not purpose-built for drilling but can be configured for purposes such as creating digital plod forms or equipment inspection checklists. Examples: iAuditor, Sitemate.

Digital drilling software: 

A more comprehensive software that encompasses the broader drilling workflow, from drilling holes to filling plods and billing clients - and more. Examples: CorePlan, Lantern.

The pros and cons of cloud-based drilling SaaS

Like any business decision, there are a range of pros and cons to consider with cloud-based drilling SaaS. Here is a detailed breakdown of the pros and cons and how to choose the best cloud-based drilling software option for your drilling business.

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