Drilling Software for Mining Companies

Powerful smarter, data-driven operations.

Standardise and centralise your drilling data across your programs from planning to completion.
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Trusted by brands big and small
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Trusted by brands big and small
Trusted by brands big and small

It’s time to see the bigger picture.

Mining and Exploration teams have spent the majority of their efforts in reactive mode, wrangling spreadsheets to unlock basic facts about the past.
Break the Cycle
with CorePlan
Break the Cycle
with CorePlan
Bring together drilling and logistics data, automate analytics, and connect teams so they can focus on the future.

Integrated drilling management platform

A Drilling Management Platform breaks that cycle by integrating data, automating analytics, and connecting teams so they can focus on the future.

Prepare your drilling for a digital future

CorePlan streamlines your drilling programs with a SaaS platform built on best practices for mining and exploration.
Drill program creation
Budget Allocation
Contract Allocation
Rig Scheduling
Drill Hole Approvals
Field Activities
Drill Pad Construction
Safety Management
Daily Plod Capture
Plod Data Approvals
Drill Progress Tracking
Utilisation Metrics
Sample Tracking
Rehab and Compliance
Cost Reconciliation
Field Activities
Tenement Reporting
Production Reporting
Contractor Performance
Management Reports
Quickly import drill holes, attach budgets, and kickstart your drilling projects.
Authorise logistics, monitor production, and control costs—all in real-time.
Access detailed reports and seamlessly sync data with your geological database.
Join the revolution


Geologists should be in the field or analysing and interpreting data, not tied down by the manual task of transferring information between silos. Let them focus on what they do best.

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Super customisable

With custom fields, color tags, custom views and advanced permissions you can create any setup and workflow imaginable.

Enterprise ready

From language and currency to time and date formatting. Everything you need for the best possible localised experience.

Enterprise ready

From language and currency to time and date formatting. Everything you need for the best possible localised experience.

Offline, no worries

Integrate your CorePlan workspace with the tools you already use. Create automation flows, sync data and more.

Import all drill plods,
from ANY contractor

Keep your sanity as you effortlessly integrate drilling data from your drill contractors, no matter the format.
All your plods in one place
Review and approve your drilling plods from all your contractors without getting lost in emails.
Instant shift production and cost tracking
Keep on top of your drilling activity and costs - no spreadsheets needed.
Get a full view of the shift
Visualise breakdown of activities, consumables and equipment on the plod, with or without costs.

Drill production & cost tracking

Give your team the latest information in a centralised location and in a format that allows everyone to be on the same page.
On time. On budget.
Spot potential issues fast, safeguarding schedules and budgets. Stay ahead with streamlined drill program tracking.
Planned vs Actual Cost Per Metre
Real-time updates on all operational reports and metrics give stakeholders ultimate visibility.
No more painful double-handling
Eliminate multiple emails, different spreadsheets and other systems.

Automated cost reconciliation

Stop wasting time on manual cost calculations and invoice revisions. CorePlan automates the process, freeing you to focus on geology and discovery.
View on-demand cost summaries
Drill down on expenditures by rig, hole or tenement with detailed cost breakdowns.
Run smart, seamless consolidations
Conduct a comparative analysis, view budget vs. actuals, and drive a faster monthly close.
Identify the source of discrepancy
Track changes that have been made to the drilling data or cost overrides, by whom and when.
Integrations built for Mining
CorePlan keeps everyone aligned and working more efficiently. Geologists, Exploration Managers, Database Admins, Field Technicians, Accounts and peers – all collaborating in one tool.
Sync with your Database and more
Whether it's acQuire, Geobank, DataShed or your custom Access database - pull and push data seamlessly
Connect with tools using FMEQuery and transfer data to build the workflows you need within your enterprise
Pull and push data using our APIs to query and mutate data or, build custom workflows.

Optimise your rig schedule

Enhance your productivity and cost-efficiency with our new and improved Rig Scheduler.
Add all your rigs and their expected pen rates
Bring in your drill plan to forecast and estimate completion dates.
Dynamic drag-and-drop interface
Visually plan your rigs by dragging them around your drilling schedule.
Optimise your drill schedule
Track your rig utilisation based on your real-time rig productivity and performance.

Unify and manage field activities

Simplify field activity tracking from pre- to post-drilling with our seamless end-to-end workflow.
Pre-drilling activities
Configure your workflow to tick off all your pegging, clearing and more.
Post-drilling activities
Ensure holes are logged, sampled and photographed before you move on.
Environmental & spatial compliance
Capture and log vital information and pictures for disturbance and rehabilitation.

Automated sample dispatch location and cost tracking

Streamline your sample dispatch workflow, from consignment to lab receipt, and track sample turnaround.
Digital sample submission
Use out-of-the-of the box templates for fast dispatch and lab integration.
Sample dispatch lifecycle tracking
Know where your samples are and when you'll get them back.
Built in cost reconciliation for samples
Filter your laboratory costs by batch, tenement, project or analysis in real-time, making it easy to approve invoices.

Real-time, self-serve reporting

Built your own reports
Management reporting made easy
Track contractor performance, live
Tap into our library of pre-loaded reports or create custom ones tailored to your needs. Blend commentary, metrics, and charts for dynamic operational and management reports that offer a real-time snapshot of performance.
Powerful Insigts
Edit and filter
Build your own
Metrics and charts
Preloaded templates
Easy to use
Your Enterprise SaaS Technology Partner
We’re committed to helping you measurably improve your data practices for today’s operational demands.
Collaborate safely with granular roles and permissions
Add an extra layer of protection with controls and comprehensive identity and access management.
Intuitive analytics for faster decisions, globally
Power insight-driven decision-making by analysing the impact of your planning and budgeting, spot cash leaks and improve performance with corporate dashboards.
99.90% uptime SLA
Stay up-and-running with our world class performing software, highest level of support and fastest response times for peace of mind and superior experience.
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Who is CorePlan for
Greenfields Drilling

Every challenge is an opportunity to innovate. We break down complex challenges to find the most effective solutions.

Grade Control

We encourage our team to create, launch, and iterate. Engaging with customers, embracing their feedback, and evolving our platform is a continuous cycle at CorePlan.


We're dedicated to creating an intuitive platform through constant end-user testing and feedback. This ensures our solutions are not only functional but also a delight to use.

Exploration Teams

Our 'Always On' support system is designed to facilitate smooth onboarding and provide ongoing assistance. We're here for our users every step of the way.

Continuos Improvement and Innovation

Through fortnightly sprints, we prioritise user-centric product development. We listen, learn, and adapt, focussing on the controllable inputs that drive outstanding outcomes.

The "Can-Do" Attitude

At CorePlan, 'impossible' is not in our dictionary. We tackle the 'gnarly problems' with a can-do attitude, often finding solutions where none seemed to exist.

Mining SaaS for Drilling Operations
Round up your
drilling data
Get your teams from data to decision faster with CorePlan, the Integrated Drilling Management Platform for resource teams and drilling contractors.
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