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Usage-based pricing to fit your needs
Includes 45 Plods
Billed annually
All the core features of running a digital operation drilling operations.
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$3 per additional plod
Starter plan includes;
CorePlan Mobile App
Drill Hole Management
Digital Contracts
Invoice Generation
Multi User Access
Realtime Reporting
Client Data Sharing
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Includes 225 Plods
Billed annually
For mid to large contractors that want to scale their digital drilling operations.
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$4 per additional plod
Everything in Starter, plus;
Global Dashboards
Custom Reports
API Integrations
Advanced Support
Drill Bit Management
Rig Scheduler
Driller Performance
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Custom Inclusions
Billed annually
Automate and integrate your workflow with the systems you work with the most.
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Custom fee per additional plod
Everything in Professional, plus;
Multipurpose Rig
Drill Bit Tracking
Power BI Integration
Custom Permissions
QGIS Plugin
SQL Model
Custom Integrations
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Additional add-ons
Base + fee per user
Custom Reports
Insights Library
Schedule Emails
Staff Management
Base + fee per staff
Payroll Integration
Performance Bonuses
CorePlan Forms
Base + fee per rig
Unlimited Forms
Inspections & Incidents
Digital Documents & Contracts
Questions? We have answers
What is a Plod?

A plod, short for ‚ÄėProgressive Log of Drilling‚Äô, is a form used to record the time, activities, consumables, people, and costs associated with drilling during a single shift of work. Learn more about 'Plods' here.

What do you mean usage based pricing?

CorePlan's default pricing is usage-based, typically calculated monthly based on the number of plods or shifts. With this model, you only pay for what you use.

How long does it take to implement an integrated drilling management platform?

Getting started with CorePlan is almost instantaneous. Once you sign up, our implementation team will guide you through the process. They'll configure your first project on your behalf and provide you with step-by-step instructions. Fully implementing your first project can be completed in as little as 2 to 3 weeks. However, for more advanced implementations involving integration into geological databases, the process may take longer.

Why don't I do custom development myself? 

The 'build or buy' dilemma is an age-old question. However, in today's modern era, it's evolved into 'build, buy, or subscribe.'

Opting for in-house development carries inherent risks, including project delays, cost overruns, skill shortages, and potential technical debt.

Moreover, there's the risk of the final product falling short of expectations or lacking essential features. We've talked about it more on Linkedin here.

What kind of reporting does CorePlan have?

Your CorePlan account offers reports and dashboards that allow you to see drilling performance data in one place and easily share reports with stakeholders.

With Advanced Analytics, you gain access to even more powerful dashboards that enable you to create your own reports and dashboards using intuitive drag-and-drop builders.

How is CorePlan different to other drilling analytics software?

We're built differently - just ask our customers. CorePlan brings together a suite of connected tools and experiences, all in one place.

Unlike some mining software, you won't have to deal with a bunch of different solutions to get your systems and data working together. Most mining software is stuck in the past, rigid and complicated, and requires huge customisations.

The best part? CorePlan is powerful and easy to use. It’s customisable without being complicated and empowering instead of overpowering.

Is there an extra cost for live support?

Absolutely not! All our customers get live support, though the level of support varies depending on the plan you choose.

Your priorities are our priorities.

World Class Onboarding

We’ll build a customised onboarding plan together that’s designed to help you reach your most important goals, faster.

& Deployment

We will setup your account to help you get started

Kickoff with all users for overview and introduction training

Customised training programme based on your plan and needs

Conduct review and graduate you from training!

Assist you with rollout across your teams and sites

The tough part was finding a system that was able to cater to the specific needs of RC, whilst still being affordable for a startup driller... And based on this criteria, CorePlan was the obvious choice.

Grant Ingram

Owner & Director of OreEx Drilling
Mining SaaS for Drilling Operations
Round up your
drilling data
Get your teams from data to decision faster with CorePlan, the Integrated Drilling Management Platform for resource teams and drilling contractors.
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