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Welcome to the The Drillin' and Chillin' Show, a podcast where we chat with drilling legends about their stories, experiences, and the insights that are shaping the future of drilling.
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E1: Grant Ingram from OreEx Drilling
Grant Ingram of OreEx Drilling spills the beans on 20+ years in the industry, from farm life to drilling in the wilds of Africa. Hear how new tech is transforming the drilling scene, boosting transparency, and changing the way drillers work.
E2: Ronnie Hill, Impact Drilling
From shorts and thongs in his first interview to 30+ years of drilling adventures, Ronnie Hill from Impact Drilling has seen it all. Ronnie spills the tea on old-school drilling vs. the modern era, his global escapades, and why keeping it human is key in a tech-driven industry.
E3: James Buchanan, From Donegal to the Arctic – A Geologist's Odyssey.
From rocks in Donegal to rigs in the outback, meet James Buchanan of Gyro Drilling. Geologist turned drilling expert, he’s seen it all - and he’s got the stories to prove it. Hear how drones and software are changing the game in drilling, and what the future holds for this industry.

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