Drilling Software for Drilling Contractors

On-Prem vs Cloud-Based Drilling Software for Drilling Contractors

On-Prem vs Cloud-Based Drilling Software for Drilling Contractors

What’s the difference between on-prem and cloud-based software?

On premises (“on-prem”) drilling software refers to the installation and deployment of drilling software on internal servers and hardware, whereas cloud-based software is run and managed by a third-party provider and accessed from anywhere using the internet.

In days gone by, on-prem software was extremely common in the mining industry, however this has changed over the last decade.

Let's explore why.

Why are mining and drilling teams choosing cloud-based software?

On-prem software requires a much greater upfront investment in hardware and infrastructure, as well as ongoing maintenance and support. 

The problem with this model is that the mining landscape is rapidly changing. Managers now hesitate to make these kinds of investments as one year can look completely different to the next. As the cost of doing business rises and the industry’s technology landscape undergoes a massive shift toward digitisation, mining teams need cheaper, faster-to-deploy solutions.

So, they are switching to cloud-based software that provides more flexibility in today’s challenging operating environment.

The benefits of cloud-based software for drilling contractors

Modern cloud-based software offers many advantages for drilling contractors over traditional on-prem software.

Here are three key reasons why drilling managers are making the switch:


The nature of drilling work means that drilling teams are constantly on the road. Cloud-based software enables drilling professionals to access software from anywhere - even offline. Whether you’re in the field, the office or anywhere in between, managers can access project data wherever they are.

Plus, with the development of technologies such as Starlink, accessibility will continue to grow.


Every drilling manager wants to grow their business. A major advantage of a cloud-based solution is that it can be scaled up or down as the business changes. This can be done without having to make changes to hardware or infrastructure on the cloud.


Cloud-based drilling software is built with collaboration in mind, solving many of the issues inherent to traditional software. Gone are the days where only one user can access or edit a file at a time. Cloud-based software enables multiple users to access and update project data in real-time. This also means less back and forth on the phone or over email, as everyone has access to the latest information. Drilling managers can then make faster decisions.

Cloud-based software for drilling contractors

Given the significant benefits of cloud-based drilling software, it’s not surprising that Australia’s leading drilling contractors like DDH1, Topdrill, Seismic Drilling and Topdrive Drilling have made the switch.

Learn more about the different types of drilling software, including which is best for drilling contractors and why, in our Ultimate Guide to Drilling Software for Drilling Contractors.

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