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What is the difference between CorePlan and AcQuire?

July 25, 2023

What is the difference between CorePlan and AcQuire?

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Megan Gammie

Are you using AcQuire to manage your geoscientific data?

One of the most frequent questions we get asked is why an exploration team should start usingCorePlan if they are already using AcQuire. Both can handle drilling data, so isn’t this just doubling up on software if you were to run both platforms?

The short answer is - whilst they both touch drilling data, they serve two very distinct purposes for exploration teams.

Let me explain, and show how CorePlan can help you work better with AcQuire!

What are the differences between CorePlan and AcQuire?

AcQuire is a geoscientific data management tool, whereas CorePlan is an exploration project management tool.

Here are some of the key features that set the two software products apart:

Why would you use CorePlan if you’re already using AcQuire?

While the two products have some similarities, they serve quite different purposes. 

CorePlan is where you and your team manage and execute your day-to-day operations, including processes, progress, performance and costs, to ensure you’re tracking to plan. It isn’t designed for geologging, geological modelling or to act as a database. It takes care of all the daily paperwork that comes with running a drill program so that your geos can spend more time working on all geology-related tasks that happen in software like AcQuire.

Let me explain this in the context of an example workday on an exploration project.

Let’s say you’re in the office and you want to know what your team are up to in the field today. First, you’d log on to CorePlan to view your spatial map of the field and see which holes are currently being drilled, which holes your field team are prepping and rehabbing, how much you’re spending on drilling and how much longer it will take to finish drilling the remainder of your drill program. 

You can see that several holes have recently finished drilling and logging. You want to know if anything interesting has come out of these holes. Then, you open up AcQuire and review the geological data coming from these drill holes. 

Meanwhile, your team have been uploading and accepting plods from all of your drill contractors in any format in CorePlan to track costs and drilling activities.

Based on what you’re seeing from the logging in AcQuire, and how much it cost you in CorePlan, you might decide to abandon several planned holes in favour of reallocating funds to a new series of drill holes.

You would then import these holes into CorePlan, schedule them to drill rigs and alert your team of the additions to the drill plan. The field crew can then begin prepping these holes so that the drills never stop turning despite the dynamic nature of the drill program.

Can you connect AcQuire to CorePlan?

At the time of writing, the two-way capabilities of AcQuire were not immediately clear, however, CorePlan does have an open API that enables exploration teams to directly share CorePlan data with their other software packages. A .csv data export option is also available for sharing CorePlan data with systems that do not offer an API.

Work better with AcQuire

If your team are currently using AcQuire to manage geological data, CorePlan can help your team spend more time on the geology by removing the burdens of manual paperwork associated with running drilling campaigns and ensuring that drilling runs on time and on budget.

When it’s easy for everyone to collect great data in the field, your team can be confident in the quality of the numbers that go into AcQuire.

Contact our Customer Success Team to learn more about how CorePlan can support your team’s geological data workflow on AcQuire.

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