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Krux Analytics vs CorePlan for Drilling Contractors

April 26, 2023

Krux Analytics vs CorePlan for Drilling Contractors

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Megan Gammie

CorePlan vs Krux Analytics compared for drilling contractors

What is Krux Analytics?

Krux Analytics is a Canadian software company founded in 2016. Krux produce cloud-based software solutions for drilling contractors and exploration teams.

Krux Analytics for drilling

Krux Analytics’ drilling management software is designed to help drill contractors execute drilling programs in the field. This includes planning, drilling, billing, analysis, reporting, and capture of data for clients.

KruxLog and KruxMetrix for drilling

Krux’s software uses a mobile drilling app to record data in the field (called KruxLog) that is then uploaded to a web portal (KruxMetrix) where the office team takes over management and analysis of the data.

Krux offers drilling contractors with all of the essential features required to execute and track drilling in the field, plus dashboard analytics, contract management, invoicing and digital forms and documents.

Krux Analytics add-ons

Krux customers can purchase a variety of add-ons to enhance their workflow and take the depth of analytics to the next level.  

For example, their custom analytics subscription add-on allows users to drag and drop metrics to build custom reports from within the web portal. A global dashboard option is also available for viewing all of your drilling across your organisation in one place.

Payroll and bonus calculation configuration are also available as additional options, saving the need to complete these tasks in other systems.

Single sign-on (SSO) integration is also available as an add-on for Enterprise-level subscribers.

A Krux Analytics alternative

CorePlan is a Krux Analytics alternative for drilling contractors that enables them to manage their drilling AND their entire operations. This includes tools to help plan, manage, execute, report and analyse all aspects of their operations such as client and staff management, rate schedules and costs, performance breakdowns, contracts, rig scheduling and more.

It’s a modern, cloud-based platform that’s designed to easily capture and analyse drilling and operational data to deliver insights into drilling and business performance. By automating repetitive paperwork across the field and operations, your team are empowered to drill smarter, not harder, and focus on what they do best.

See how CorePlan’s drilling intelligence platform can help you take your drilling operations to the next level by integrating all areas of your drilling workflow into one central digital location.

Start now.

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This article was produced in good faith by referencing publicly available materials on the Krux Analytics website in February of 2023. We have taken great care to be as accurate as possible based on the available material. If we have missed any information please don’t hesitate to contact us and request a revision. 

We recommend evaluating all options and making a decision based on value, time to adopt, ease of use and future-proofing. A drilling contractors’ software buyers guide is available to assist.

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