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Drillers don't want to use software? Try this instead

May 30, 2023

Drillers don't want to use software? Try this instead

Drilling Software
Digital Transformation
For Drilling Managers
Written by
Sachee Perera

Wondering what to do you do if your staff don’t want to go digital? It's a roadblock that's more common than you might think.

One of the more difficult tasks of a Drilling Manager can include driving organisational change. This can be a pretty tough gig in an industry that has historically feared change, particularly from disruptive tech. But why exactly are some drilling professionals avoiding making the switch – and what can you as a drilling manager do to encourage your team to want to use drilling software? Moreover, does driller-friendly software actually exist? 

Let’s walk through some of the common objections your drillers, admins and supervisors might raise toward a new software platform and what you can do to challenge this line of thought and start drilling more profitable metres. 


Settling for the status quo

We’ve all heard this one before:

what we’re doing now works just fine.”

But does it? 

How many hours a week do you think your supervisors spend waiting for data or following up on details with your drillers? How about your admins having to go back and forth with drillers or clients over the phone or via email, or re-entering information into various systems?

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re here because you know there has to be a better way of doing things. So how do you get your team on the same page?

To understand and respond to this objection, you first need to identify where you are losing critical time in your workflow. Quantifying this time can help. If you understand what a typical week looks like - what might this look like over a year? Two hours a week doesn’t sound like a lot, but 56 weeks later, that’s almost five days’ worth of time lost - a full working week!

The stats can be shocking - but by acknowledging the problem and articulating this to your team, you’re a big step closer to reaching a solution. 


Previous fails

Sometimes, without a lack of trying, a software product just doesn’t work out for your team. Your high hopes for your new tech stack turned sour, taking the excitement of your team with it (and, undoubtedly, a fair few $$$ in the process). That sucks

Do you know the most common reasons why drillers’ digital transformations fail? Check out our list of the most common reasons why new software fails for drillers, along with simple steps your team can take to prevent them before they occur.

The drilling operations software market is rapidly modernising as developers wake up to the greenfield potential of the industry. By understanding why your previous attempt(s) failed; whether it be due to communication issues; a lack of training and support from the software provider; or even fundamental issues with the product itself; you’re all the better placed to choose a superior, modern option that addresses your specific needs and the problems you need to solve. 


'What about my job?'

Fear of automation is real in the mining industry. Fear comes from uncertainty, as staff may question if new software means their job will change or even become redundant. With scary thoughts like these, it’s no wonder your staff might not want to use new software!

Luckily, there’s no need to worry. Embracing automation means adopting a mindset shift. A mindset where, by removing repetitive and monotonous tasks, your team are freed up to spend more time on things that create value for your business. So your team are engaged with more productive work that they feel good about. Here are just a few ways some of our clients have been using their newfound time:

  • finding and nurturing new business
  • monitoring performance, safety and training
  • identifying areas to improve cost efficiencies 
  • at the pub because they’re no longer using their nights and weekends to reconcile invoices or getting on top of a backlog of admin tasks!


'I don’t like it'

Like with any software, the success of drilling software hinges on the end-users. You could have the best drilling software on the market, but if your drillers are telling you they don’t like it - or even refuse to use it - it won’t take long for things to take a turn for the worse.

So, if your drillers, admins or supervisors are telling you they just flat out don’t like the product, what should you do about it?


Get to the root of the issue

Is the product really that bad or is there something else going on? The only way to know for sure is to have a conversation. Asking your driller to walk through the issues they are experiencing and show you first-hand can go a long way in identifying the real problem. 

At CorePlan, we believe that a degree in rocket science should not be required to use drilling software. A great product should take complex processes and package them into a beautifully simple and intuitive interface. Think booking a taxi versus booking an Uber. Is your software experience more painful than painless?

Sometimes a product problem is actually a user problem hiding in disguise. But that’s not to criticise drillers - limited access to user support and training materials can be the culprit here. A reputable software developer should have a tried and tested training and support program - ideally available to you at no extra charge.

Remember, if your software provider has left you in the dark with training, this could be a red flag as to how they’ll treat your business weeks, months or years down the track. 


Set your team up for buy-in

Everyone wants to do their job well. They’ve mastered the status quo and now you’re asking them to rethink their workflow and maybe even take a leap of faith. They’ll need to know the ins and outs of ‘why’ and, importantly, what’s in it for them. Get your team excited about the new software by explaining what’s at stake by stagnating and establishing a shared vision for a better future where they can focus their energy on the more meaningful aspects of their work. What’s not to like!


I don’t have time

Time. One of the most relatable objections of all. We get it. But, to this we offer you a counter-question: do you have time to keep doing what you are doing?


How to find software your drillers will ❤️

Tl;dr: no matter what software you’re using, there’s always the potential for your team not to be as on board with it as you are. The simplest way to avoid this problem? Invest in a driller-friendly solution!

How do you know your software is driller friendly? Here are a few quick ways to tell if your drillers will love your drilling software:

  • It’s designed for use in the field. If you’re out in the field you don’t have time to mess around with complicated interfaces and workflows, you just want to enter your intervals, time and field activities and get back to drilling.
  • It was built in collaboration with drillers. If drillers had input in the software build, it’s more likely to be software that drillers want to use. Because who knows drilling better than drillers?
  • They’ll tell you that they love it!

Is your tech stack driller-friendly? Book a demo to see how CorePlan can help you take the headache out of drilling holes, filling plods and billing clients. It's game-changing software designed in collaboration with drilling professionals like you.  

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