E3: James Buchanan, From Donegal to the Arctic – A Geologist's Odyssey.

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Join us for a conversation with James Buchanan of Gyro Drilling on the latest episode of Drillin' and Chillin'.

With a career spanning years in the drilling industry, James has seen it all. From his early days as a geologist to his current role at Gyro Drilling, he's got plenty of insights to share.

Get ready to hear about James' journey, from exploring rocks in Donegal to working on offshore rigs and Australian gold fields. James shares insights into the challenges and triumphs he's faced, along with his unique perspective on the industry.

Discover how technology, like drones and specialised software, is changing the drilling landscape and hear James' thoughts on what the future holds.

Whether you're a seasoned driller or simply curious about the industry, this episode with James Buchanan is a must-listen.

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E3: James Buchanan, From Donegal to the Arctic – A Geologist's Odyssey.
From rocks in Donegal to rigs in the outback, meet James Buchanan of Gyro Drilling. Geologist turned drilling expert, he’s seen it all - and he’s got the stories to prove it. Hear how drones and software are changing the game in drilling, and what the future holds for this industry.
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