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Established in 1976 with over 130 years of combined team experience.
Capabilities include Diamond drilling with up to 3000m penetration depth.
Truck and track-mounted rigs with RigNet for real-time asset monitoring.
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10 Cort Way, Rockingham, WA 6168, AU
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Topdrive Drillers Australia
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Since its establishment in 1976, Topdrive Drillers Australia has provided drilling operations for the mining and mineral exploration industry, specialising in diamond drilling. Acquired in 2018 by Managing Director, Marchus Harris, Topdrive Drillers Australia is headquartered in Rockingham and supports customers Australia-wide.

Topdrive Drillers Australia has a suite of two truck-mounted diamond rigs, one track-mounted diamond rig and one multipurpose rig with reverse circulation (RC) capability, with RigNet onboard for real time asset monitoring.

From environmentally sensitive areas to tight-access hilly terrains or small footprint areas, the Topdrive Drillers Australia team can provide multidirectional drilling with penetration reaching up to 3000 metres.

They have an experienced team with over 130 years of combined field and management experience. Pairing the experience of the team with quality equipment and high standards of safety, the Topdrive Drillers Australia team aims to provide the best customer service and drilling projects possible.

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Topdrive Drillers Australia

WA, Australia
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