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6 rigs, penetration to 1500m, full fleet of auxiliary equipment
Experienced drillers, exceptional outcomes
Safety as top priority
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151 Stoney Rise Rd, Devonport, Tasmania 7310, AU
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Spaulding Drillers offers drilling services within the mineral exploration sector, as well as domestic and irrigation water bore services.

Since the 80s, Spaulding Drillers has been family-owned and operated through two generations of family. The Spaulding Drillers team operate out of their head office in Devonport, Tasmania and provide services and local support in Tasmania.

With a fleet of six rigs including four tracked and two truck-mounted diamond drill, reverse circulation and downhole hammer rigs, the Spaulding Drillers fleet can provide penetration to a depth capacity up to 1500 metres. Further, Spaulding Drillers offer a full fleet of auxiliary equipment to support their rigs.

They're an experienced team of drillers that aim to create exceptional outcomes for their customers. Spaulding Drillers is also one of the few drilling contractors that provide water boring services.

As the team grows, the safety of their employees and customers is the highest priority.

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Spaulding Drillers

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