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Leading contractor in large diameter and mineral exploration drilling.
Fleet of seven rigs, including large diameter and exploration drilling capabilities.
Family-owned since 2010, serving all of New South Wales with facilities in Scone and Muswellbrook.
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6 Carramere Rd, Muswellbrook, New South Wales 2333, AU
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Kerembla is a leading drilling contractor in large diameter and mineral exploration drilling. Based in the Hunter region with administration facilities in Scone and Muswellbrook, Kerembla can service customers across all New South Wales. Kerembla was founded in 2010 by Jeremy and Emma Sharpe and continues to be family-owned and operated.

The Kerembla team boasts a fleet of seven rigs, with two capable of large diameter drilling and five rigs set for exploration drilling including diamond coring, rotary mud and conventional air core drilling methods.

The Kerembla team prides themselves on their professionalism and quality of work for their customers. A simple management approach ensures customers have a consistent and open line of communication with management during the drilling process.Kerembla also offers equipment that is reliable, safe, efficient and well-maintained in order to ensure minimal downtime for their drilling services.

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