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Pioneers in sonic drilling with extensive experience
Comprehensive drilling services across Australia and the Pacific Islands
Versatile fleet capable of handling diverse and challenging projects
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Clontarf, Qld, 4019
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Groundwave Drilling Services specialises in delivering innovative and reliable drilling solutions throughout Australia and the Pacific Islands. Known for their pioneering work in sonic drilling, Groundwave Drilling combines decades of experience with cutting-edge technology to provide exceptional services across various sectors, including mining, construction, and environmental projects.

Groundwave Drilling offers a wide range of specialised drilling services, including Sonic Drilling, diamond coring, solid flight auger, mud rotary drilling, and down hole hammer. Their fleet of 10 sonic drilling rigs, capable of drilling to depths of 240 meters, makes them the largest and most versatile provider in the APAC region.

Groundwave Drilling is dedicated to delivering top-notch drilling services with a focus on innovation, efficiency, and environmental responsibility. Their experienced team and advanced equipment ensure high-quality results for every project, no matter the complexity or location.

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Groundwave Drilling Services

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