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Multipurpose drill rig with rapid switch between sonic drilling (160m) and diamond coring (600m)
Owner-operated for direct communication and efficient project execution
Automation for safety, sustainability and minimal environmental impact
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8 Uppill Pl, Wangara WA 6065
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Based out of Perth, Western Australia, GRM Drilling is a mineral exploration, geotechnical and environmental drilling company.

Established in 2022, GRM Drilling is owned and operated by Ross Warren, George Allen and Mathew Journeaux, and services customers Australia-wide.

The team at GRM Drilling operates one multipurpose drill rig with a dual head that is capable of switching quickly and with ease between sonic drilling with a depth penetration of up to 160 metres, and diamond coring capable of drilling up to 600 metres NQ, HQ and HQ3, and PQ and PQ3.

GRM Drilling aims to create value for their clients through their highly efficient drilling methods. With an owner-operator model, clients can ensure they have a direct line of communication to management on all drilling programs.

Safety and sustainability are priority with the GRM Drilling team using automation for rod handling and delivering consumables to the work area, while minimising their environmental impact through drill fluid separator, low diesel usage and tracked drill rig requiring less clearing for drill pads.


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