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Compact track-mounted rigs for difficult-to-access areas
Sustainable drilling practices with aim to eliminate diesel
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Built with a purpose, DDSR Australia aim to make the drilling industry more sustainable through reducing greenhouse gases and the carbon footprint on equipment.

DDSR Australia is a mineral exploration drilling company that operates out of, and supports the Western Australian market.

Specialising in Air Core (AC), diamond drilling and Reverse Circulation(RC) methods of drilling, the DDSR Australia team boasts a fleet of three drill rigs - one small diamond drill rig, one small prototype Reverse Circulation and diamond drill rig, and one large blast hole drill rig. The penetration rate of these rigs are ground-dependent.

All rigs are compact and track-mounted to enable the DDSR Australia team to drill in some of the most difficult-to-access areas, as well as reducing their environmental footprint and fuel consumption.

Sustainability is at the forefront of their learning and development. The team are actively finding ways to eliminate the diesel engine, with an aim to run without carbon emissions in the next 12 - 18 months if successful.

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