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8 truck-mounted drill rigs for depths of 40-900m
Australia-wide mineral exploration drilling
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266 Cedars Road, South Bingera QLD 4670
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Based out of Bundaberg, Queensland, Allstate Drilling began in February 2022 and is a family-owned and operated business, with a rich history of drilling.

Allstate Drilling offers Australia-wide mineral and coal exploration drilling, as well as domestic and irrigation water bore drilling.

The Allstate Drilling teams are located strategically across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria to service and respond to their client needs.

The Allstate Drilling team boasts a fleet of eight truck-mounted drill rigs - six multi-purpose and two conventional rigs, capable of penetration from 40m to 900m respectively. These rigs and all auxiliary equipment adhere to the highest compliance standards in the drilling and mining industry and are all mine compliant.

Allstate Drilling covers a variety of drilling methods including, diamond, reverse circulation (RC), air core/ slimline RC, 8‚ÄĚ conventional coring, chip, water bore (for monitoring, irrigation and dewatering), power earth and large diameter rotary air (60-350mm) and rotary mud (75-350mm) drilling.

The team pride themselves on working with the client to provide customised solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of and yield the best results for each individual client.

As a tight-nit company, clients have a direct streamline of communication to drillers, managers and company owners, and through the use of modern electronic plod systems, clients can access and communicate with the All State team, efficiently and transparently.

The Allstate Drilling team upholds strict safety systems and ensures that all staff are quality-trained and all equipment is mine compliant.

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