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Mining tech startup releases the world’s first field activity app for geology teams

April 26, 2023

Mining tech startup releases the world’s first field activity app for geology teams

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Megan Gammie

Perth, WA - Mining technology startup, CorePlan, has just released the world’s first field activity app for mineral exploration teams. The release is part of the purpose-built Exploration Hub product, enabling mineral exploration teams to run more efficient and cost-effective drill programs.

Until now, most exploration teams have used paper, spreadsheets, legacy tools, and physical maps to manually execute field activity progress and track progress. While these methods get the job done, they can be incredibly time-consuming, prone to user error, and invisible to the entire team. 

CorePlan’s new field activity app and web module were built to address this problem, helping mining teams to ensure that they hit their compliance goals and gain full visibility into what’s happening on the ground from a central ‘mission control’ style interface.

Field crews can leave their logbooks at camp using the mobile app to complete their paperwork in seconds from their devices. The intuitive interface makes it easy and fast to capture and submit field activity data and mark tasks as completed in real-time, including the capability to attach notes and photos. 

As the data is sent in from the field, the master drill hole project map is automatically updated so the whole team can see what’s happening in the field in real-time (when in service). This makes it easy to track the project’s progress and identify when drill holes are falling behind schedule. 

The ground-breaking workflow is now available to current and new customers and can be configured to the unique requirements of each exploration project.

Further details are available at https://www.coreplan.io/ or via email at gday@coreplan.io 

This press release was originally published on PR Newswire.

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